Okay. Brand new laptop (Christmas). Worked find until NOW. It's not major. If I leave it on from 8:30 PM (bed) to 6 AM (awake), and I try to click any links, I have to click it a few times for it to "catch," or for it to go to the link. Links opened in new tabs (FF) don't work, just say "Untitled." Also, in the morning, IE doesn't even connect to the net. It just opens and says "IE can't display this page."

No spyware, viruses. I scanned them in safe mode already.

1.6ghz, 2gb, 128mb gfx, 80gb hdd

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im still a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff but go to
control panel then "mouse" then set set the dobble click settings to what ever you want


I turned system restore off. I think I know what the problem is, because it only happens after my notebook is on for a while. After a quick reboot it works fine.


Sounds to me like the network card drivers don't like powersave mode or hibernation (depending what your power options are set at in control panel) try tinkering with those, or look for an upgraded driver on the nic's manufacturers website there maybe one with a fix for this type of issue.


try this small program called "memmax"

it sits in the task tray and releases stuff from memory that isn't being used, it acts like a reboot, only alot quicker. you simply put the cursor over the icon in the tray and click.

you'll have to search the site alittle to find the download.


This problem has stopped. I have another one now... Gosh, Windows. Check my other thread.


maybe it was the dhcp?

if i leave my computer on past midnught its interner always does wierd things as thats when my router gives everyone a new IP

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