I have a problem someone may be able to help me with. Its a bit long winded so I'll start with the end problem and work back.

In a nut shell when I log on to xp I get a message saying "windows needs to be activated by microsoft".When it asks "do you want to activate now" i click yes, I'm then told that windows is already activated and am told to click ok. When I do this I'm logged off.

The problems started when I bought an ex display packard bell laptop. Every time i logged on I'd get this notepad screen coming up. I eventually managed to get rid of it but removed the boot sequence in the process (stupid I know but what can I say).I wasn't supplied with any recovery disc when i bought it so a friend loaned me his Operaing System cd. I tried the repair option on bootup but it didnt work so i ende up reinstalling XP, this worked but i'd get a message saying windows needs to be verified in x amount of days. I ignored the message until the time period expired then it insisted on me going through the verification process. I tried this process using my laptop product key and it wouldn't work. I did a bit of a search and found a way of disabling by using "safe mode" and then changing a system32 file.

This has only resulted in giving me the problem as discribed in the second paragraph.

Would really appreciate some advice.


the possibility of an easy solution ended when you reinstalled. (the activation files were probably gone with the new install and/or format)
seems as though someone had a crack installed on the machine (it probably didn't work anyway), that too is gone.
activation is required at some point even on legit software. other than that you'll be reinstalling fresh about every 30 days.