My computer wont boot. I was on a nascar.com when it locked up and restarted. it went to the boot menu, which it never does andi selected "start normally" and it went throught the loading process and just restarted. ive since tried all other options on the boot menu.
1- safe mode
2- safe mode with networking
3- safe mode with command prompt

4- start windows at last known good configuration

5- start windows regularly

none o f them work..they all go through the loading process and just restart the PC to the boot menu....

its a fairly new PC and it has Windows XP Media Center

since i bought the computer at CompUSA i do not have a disc for the operating system...

please help..what do i do?

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now..after i tried all options one more time...still nothing happened...then i tried the sytem restore, again nothing happened...however now i turn on the computer and it says "a disc read error has occured press AL CTRL DEL to restart..everytime...where can i obtain the XP Media Center disc?

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