Hello all,

I am having a problem finding a KB patch for Outlook 2003. The file I am looking for is: Office2003-kb834716-enu.exe .

--Or, I'm looking for a solution to my problem that doesn't involve that file--

Problem: Outlook 2003 is started for the first time, witch to the calendar, go to filethen new to create a new appointment and the new appointment dialog box does not open and outlook hangs. When outlook is closed, the outlook process is still running in the task manager, and must be closed manually to correst the appointment problem.

Other Info: The OS is XP Professional and everything is running on a Toshiba Tectra8 laptop.

I have reinstalled the whole Office 2003 suite, and patched and updated it. The KB file I am looking for fixes the Outlook hanging problem and is suppose to be included in SP2, I have installed SP2 and I still get the error.

Thanks for reading.
Helpful replies will be worshiped...as I am getting a little frustrated, there's got to be a better way.

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Wow, with stats like this one has to wonder why any thread would not be replied to...but my thread did it for 48hrs. I'm a little disappointed in the community, I didn't even get a 'That's a dumb question'. I will look for answers to this issue else where.

Thanks for the help, however, I had found that site before I began posting. I couldn't find the link on that page for the file. That page is a wonderful description, but does not link the KB file specifically. I have installed SP1 on the machine but the problem still occurs. I was looking for the specific KB to reinstall it, and see if that fixes the problem. I am trying to avoid the registry fix, but If I can not find the KB I may try the registry hack.

Thanks for trying to help Laser, I really appreciate that.

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