Hi friends,
I,ve got a rather disturbing issue here. Though, I suspect you may deem it as "just another trivial matter". But, well, it's a problem to me.

So, please, guys... just help me out.

Here, then, goes the problem. My system has been running pretty well until I decided to try to upgrade it from the existing O.S. (XP) to XP 2003.

So, I began well. The XP 2003 launched well, copied files, but after this portion of setup was over, as usual, setup rebooted so as to continue with the next phase of installation. But, ALas!, it started the process of copying files afresh. And this continued over and over, setup rebooting and repeating the same initial setup portion of copying files!

I felt beaten and decided to take a break. That's when I decided to submit this post.

Thanking you anticipation, I look forward to seeing a thorough response.


XP 2003 does not exist - Windows Server 2003 does

Windows server is not better nor worse than xp, its just different as it has lots of networking utilities but has very little multimedia compatibilities

you should not "upgrade" from xp to 2003 if you are a desktop user it was deisgned for users to upgrade from from windows NT4 or 2000 server edition

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