Hi there. I am new to this community.

I am just wondering if there is any way at all to disable the force shut down feature (you know, when you press on the power button for 5 secs+ the computer will shut down by itself without closing any active programs).

My brother is an ass, whenever I am asleep he would sneak inside my room to shut down my computer (so my downloads won't work!). I've been thinking so hard to find ways to prevent that from happening, i.e. I glued the battery of my laptop onto it so it wouldn't come off anymore (sometimes he pulled the battery out to shut the system), I set password on my laptop so he can't access into it. I am running out of ideas. His most powerful tool is the power button, he's just got to press on it for a few seconds and viola. Is there any way I can disable this lovely feature?

Thanks in advance!

Nope, there is no easy way apart from locking your room.

it cant be done. Buy a lockable case

I belive in your bios under the power tab you can chance the funtion of the power switch.

this only changes what it does when you push it, not when you hold it down for 5 seconds

Thanks jbennet, I just remember seeing it in bios but didn't go any farther in seeing what it did.
There is a way you can fix it so no one but you will know how to turn it on or off, but it is a little mod. Make a two switch system, where as you would have to push two bottems to turn off or on. the second bottem should be placed where only you know where it is.;)

but then his brother will just siimply pull the cable out/turn it off at the wall

Then the only thing I know to do is kba.