I have a Toshiba Laptop that is about 2 years old (M2-S530). The other day when I turned on the laptop I saw the screen flicker and then went completely black. I could still here the computer booting up and could faintly see the images on the screen. I have read other forums about the fn+F5, pulling the batt and power cord and holding the power switch, and none have worked.

I have hooked it up to a monitor and all works fine there.

It should be noted that the screen does fully come on for a brief few seconds and then will go blank coming out of standby or when you first turn it on. Any suggestions Please?

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi its totally a hardware issue
so plz take it to hardware engineer
get it service for help in bangalore please contact
i will help u in getting it service

dats alllll....

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