Ok so I have an issue thats really starting to get annoying. When I try to open "My Computer" it freezes. Not the whole PC, just "My Computer" If I wait long enough it will eventually start working again. But thats usually takes anywhere from a min to 2 mins. Also when I right click on the start button or any item on the start menu it does the same thing.

Now if I click on "My Computer" and it freezes I am usually able to still keep on working in other applications as normal. I can also go to Start -> Run and get to my drives that way. So it just seems to be when I try to access My Computer or any item that is tied into that service.

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks in advance!

system restore then a through virus and spyware check perhaps?

press alt+cntrl+del and end process what is using CPU

press alt+cntrl+del and end process what is using CPU

I tried that already. I killed all unnecessary services and it acted no different. It even acts that way when windows starts up for the first time.

I had this problem too before, I fixed it by setting the power options to NOT turn my hard drives off. When you start up my computer it freezes because it's waiting for one or more of your drives to spin up.

As for the right click, I'm having a similar issue but it's whenever I right click anything(folder,file, etc.) but once it loads once I can right click on similar items and the menu will load up right away, seems like it just takes forever to load and cache the context menu.