Hello all,

I recently ran a CAT5 cable from my router about 50 meters across the land to another small house.

I checked the connection with my laptop and it works great (very fast) the next day I came to set it up for my girlfriend with her pc and it conects to the internet but really struggles to bring up a web page. It takes ages to load and normally cant load the pictures at all.

I test it with my laptop again and it was perfect, I grabed another laptop of mine and that was also perfect. yet still it will not work with my girlfriends pc.

If I bring my girlfriends pc and conect it directly to the router in the other house it works fine.

What am I doing wrong?

Please anyone I really need help with this.

many thanks


it might be that your girlfriends pc could have a nic with some severed pins. the laptops probably don't, and the cable obviously doesn't, but if its affected that much by signal drop, then it might be because of that. try some electrical contact cleaner on it?

my logic on that is that close to the router, the signal is stronger, it will be read properly through any shakey connections still, but the 50m of cable through the outdoors would generate a lot of signal drop.