I have 2 computers both running WinXP Pro and i wanna transfer some files from one computer to another. both pc are hooked up to the internet. any help would be great......the items are 2 video files about 1.5 GB in total.

are these computer both hooked up to a router which then connects them to the internet?? if so, you can probably set up a LAN with shared folders, and pass the files that way..

yes they are both hooked up to a router which connects them to the net......if its possible can u give instruction on how to share files.???

sure, no problem..

on the PC that has the file you want to share (aka the source).. right click on the folder that has the files... (or you could even do this to the C: drive itself)
and choose "Sharing and Securty", then the popup will have a Network sharing and security section lick the checkbox that says "share this folder on the network" a share name should already be there, you can use this one or enter one that will better identify the drive. check the box that says allow network users to change my files. then click OK.. then you should be able to access that folder from the desitnation computer through my network places... let me know if this doesnt work.. i left some things out assuming that certain things are already the same... if it doesnt work, ill write me more in dept instruction manual..

cheers! JC

On both PCs, right-click My Computer and choose Properties. On the 'Computer name' tab, ensure that both PCs use the same workgroup name.

Then you have two options for sharing files:

1. Place files to be shared in the 'Shared Documents' Folder
2. Share a different folder on your network by right-clicking the folder and choosing Properties, then on the Sharing tab enable it to be shared and give it a share name if you want.

Use My Network Places to locate shared folders on other systems on the network.