Hi recently I have noticed that IE is not working ( comes up with page cannot be displayed message). I've deleted temporary files and this still hasnt fixed it. Firefox works fine though but i need IE for access to some webpages. Im on XP SP2. Please help!

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To save time can I just send you here:
-use the MVPS pgm, IEFix from:
http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm -which includes dll registration as well as the ie.inf installation.
You will need your installation CD.

Hi I tried that but when i launched setup it said IE7 is not supported


Ah, well thank you for that info, I did not realise... I'm afraid that all my fixes/knowledge pertain to IE6 cos I do not use IE7 personally. I do not even have a list of all IE7 dll's.


try this command in the command prompt..
to go to commnd prmpt click on start.. click on run n in the run box type cmd...
the command promppt will appear
try this
netsh winsock reset catalog(n hit enter)..... then restart ur computer

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