When working in the calender view in Outlook 2003, I frequently put the cursor at the top of a day (in the ALL DAY area) and just start typing to create an all day event. These events have the default 15 minute reminder enabled and I don't want that... but I DO want the default 15 minute reminder to be enabled for events I create during the day at specific times.

If I don't manually disable the alarms on the all day events, then the alarm goes off in the middle of the night (roughly just before midnight) because the alarm on the all day event comes up.

I'm wondering if one of the following is possible:

1) An automatic rule can be created to disable reminders on all day events.
2) a toolbar button can be created (linked to a macro?) so that I highlight the all day event and hit the button to toggle the reminder for the current event.


(Please don't reply with "Use Thunderbird". I know OpenSource rocks and I'm a big fan, but in this case I've got too much setup in Outlook to go converting to another system. )

Thanks in advance

"Use Thunderbird"

sry, I could resist!

Seriously, your best bet is to just use whatever hotkey is associated with the alarm toggle. You seem to be looking for a very specialized addon that most probably doesn't exist.

I have no idea of the capabilities allowed through toolbar-linked macros/scripts, perhaps it's possible. Sounds like a lot more work than ALT-whatever - assuming there's a hotkey toggle.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you're saying now I ran to another machine that has Outlook on it.. you're not even seeing the dialogue where you could hotkey it.

You're probably just S.O.L. When looking for something so specialized you'll have to code your own usually.

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