I have a dell ispiron 1300 laptop, with Win XP & SP2. Thanks to my college, I also have access to the MSDNAA software site, so I decided to download XP Pro (with service pack 2) for my laptop (free through the program, after all).

So after doing the advisor program thing, which tells me there should be no hardware conflicts, the file downloads as an iso, and I burn it to a disc and run the installer.

It gets to the point where it's copying a bunch of installation files to the C drive, and then tells me, in essence, just before completion "cannot copy axjf317s.sys to <C drive pathname>, as it is missing". I try to skip and reboot, but the installation will not continue when it sees that file is missing.

And I download it a second time, and this time it's missing ahodpamy.sys and again cannot properly boot into the installation. What the heck? :icon_eek:

Also none of these files return results on google, that do I do? :icon_eek:

This is typically 1 of 4 things.. Badly Written CD, Dirty CD-Rom drive, Bad hard drive, or bad memory(ram).

1. Try loweing the speed in which you burn the iso to disc. Nero and most other utilities have an option to change burn speed.

2. Blow compressed air or blow into the drive yourself to try and clean out dust. Or get a Drive cleaning kit for about $20 from walmart.

3. Test your computers memory with this diagnostic utility:

4. Test your hard drive with a diagnostic utility from the manufacturer of the drive.
For seagate or maxtor use: