This may be a trivial inquiry for most but I am at my wits end...I work in the polymer (plastics) industry and my responsibilities now inlcude generation of material datasheets...I am not IT-trained...I have an Excel spreadsheet (a master list) that contains some specific data (not all) for each grade we handle...however, one I cross-reference, and identify a material of interest, I must open a second folder where the material PDFs are located...I would love to be able to, if possible, a toggle button on a specific Excel cell (on master list) that would link me directly to the PDF file and open said file once toggled...eliminateing the need to open folder and search for file...can anyone offer assistance to this frustrated chemical engineer?!

In advance, thanks!


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You can record a macro that follows your clicks to the directory containing your PDF files. The macro can go on to insert object and you finish it off from there for the specific file.

That macro becomes a button in a cell and it takes you there to select your file.

Something like that.

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