I'm running a computer that is about 4 years old, HP with windows me, and IE 5 ( I think). I Have road runner, so the anti virus I'm using is the one they provide. ( I'm not home right now, so I can't rem,ember what it's called) Last week, my virus scan picked up two "dropper" files and deleted them. Everything was running fine until last night. I click on IE, get the hourglass, then nothing. I click on "My Computer" , nothing happens. I use the start menu to try to search for a file, the screen goes blackish blue and I have to restart. After I try to open IE, my Norton Utilities show my computer running at max capacity, and nothing else will work very quickly (duh! lol). If I do the alt del cancel thing, and end task on "explorer" it will proimpt me to shut down the computer ( the menu where you pick shut down, restart, hibernate, etc). If I hit cancel then, a "program is busy" box pops up. If you hit end task or wait, the whole screen will refresh and everything is fine again. Except for the fact that I cannot use IE. I did a full virus scan again, and it came up empty.

I have no way to download a new virus program or anything, unless it is small enuf to email, but then again, I can't get to my email at home.........

Any thoughts???


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