i put a password on my administer account and now iv forgotten the password completely i remember it was really complex though. anyways is there a way to get back into my account and change\reset the password? i have no access to other accounts and i dont remember how to put into safemode(not that i am sure that will work either) any help fixing this will be much appreiciated

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Safe Mode: After the first boot beep, Press F8 a couple of times. That should bring up a Windows Boot Menu and you select Safe Mode.

Safe Mode will ask you to log on.

If you're lucky, the default Administrator account will have no password set and you can recover that way.

if your normal account was called Administrator, you're stuffed. There is some user unlocking software out there but you'd need to find a way onto your system to make that run!


I'd go with the softwares that will unlock the admins password upon boot-up....if you know what you're doing...if its a new computer and you've got nothing too important on it....i'd say just reinstall windows...i don't think it will require a password.

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