Hello,something weird happened a few minutes back.I think I turned on my pc accidentally by pressing something on the keyboard.Is this possible or it was a random event?I tried pressing a power button on my keyboard but it works only for shutdown.Any ideas? :?:

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check your bios(F1, DEL at bootup)... there is a settings in there that control what button if any can power on your keyboard. in the bios you can specify a special button, or just use the normal ones. also if you have the keyboard software running (check your system tray) you prolly can specify the actions of the enhanced keys...


Well, I checked it and there is a power on function which it is swithed to "power on by hot key" and as hot key the combination "Ctrl-F1" is selected.I turned off pc and pressed Ctrl-F1 but nothing happened.I tried all combinations of these buttons(simultaneously,CTRL-F1,F1-CTRL)and nothing happens.Did I do something wrong?I can always turn pc on by the classic switch but I want to achive the "easy" way too...!

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