hi techs...

I'm using norman virus control on XP right now...
last night... i got the spyware called IE DEFENDER... but now i already remove it manually and everything is working normal now except one of the step to remove IE DEFENDER is to boot in safe mode (disable all the startup) and now my norman doesn't show up in the startup...

I did check the help and support -> system configuration utility -> startup... it seems that my norman startup entry is deleted... is there any way to make it works again at startup?

I got this problem couple of times, and i just uninstall and install it again, it did work but it's kinda annoying, you have to download the updates again...

is there any way to put the norman on access scanner at start up again?

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Glad..! but you think removing startup entries mean spyware gone ? Thats No.
Please tell me where the main startup file is located of Antivirus then i will tell you the procedure of restoring it through Registry..Or Check in the options of virusscan about startup at windows logon.

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