haaaaaaaaaai guyz

i tried to format my pendrive, as i found many viruses on it, of course i tried to delete or remove those viruses from it, but my try went in vain.... so i tried to format it, but it displayed a message " cannot delete/format files, bcoz its being accessed".....
i verified wether any files from the pendrive is being accessed but no files was so....

plz give me a solution for this problem, anyhow i need to format it......


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The virus/trojan is either loaded from your pen drive (if you're "lucky") or it has moved to your HDD and is accessing its parent on the pen drive.

Putting the pen drive into a another PC and doing nothing else than reformatting it should clear the pen drive. Or throw it away!

But you now need to look at your HDD and make sure that nothing has happened there. Fingers crossed and fear the worst.


If you have Windows XP then when you will go to install Windows just keep your Pen-drive there and it will come with Windows XP setup there you can Format it using Del key...

It is better that you use NOD32 Antivirus for protecting your Computer from Viruses


I rab FDISK and created a max dos partitiob in my pen drive.After rebootibg XP let me format my pen drive and restall programs,

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