I came across this demo of MAXX2 that I used to play under windows 95. I went to install it and it said it needed directX 5. I'm running 7. Is there any way around this? I don't play any other games so maybe I could uninstall directX7 and install 5 off the cd with the demo on? If so, how do I uninstall direct X?

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Always run the most recent version of DirectX. If a game install asks you if you wish to install ANY VERSION AT ALL say NO!!!! Get DirectX from Windows update site and ONLY from there.

DirectX is backwards compatible for earlier versions and will run them.

If a game refuses to recognise DirectX as installed when there's a later version on the system, I'd suggest you throw the game away, as it's poorly coded ;)

ALWAYS choose 'Custom install' for games, so you can specify which directory you want the game installed to, which stupid online multiplayer components you wish to omit (for example because the game is old and no-one bloodywell PLAYS it online anymore) and so on.

DirectX is ONLY included on game CDs in case your system doesn't already have it installed ;)

and assuming I really want to play the game?
It starts unpacking and then says no directX, so there's no easy way round it...

You're not kidding, because there really is no way to successfully uninstall DirectX. If you hunt, you'll find some sites which claim to provide directions for doing so, but I wouldn't recommend any of them because they all lead to system instability.

Seems this fella thinks the same way I do ;)

ah well. maybe I'll have to do productive things instead. :(

why not just let it install the version on the disk, even if you have 7, just let it install 5. after ur done with the game just re-get direct x

thats what i always use to do with games.

actually I did, but it still didn't work.

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