Hi All,

I have a problem on one of my site where I have Quintum VOIP gateways in 2 separate buildings that are connected with a Fiber link. When running the ping command I loose packets to the Quintums but not to PC's. Today their Exchange server went down and for a while I had no packet loss. When removing the Quintums from their network and putting them on a separate switch, I get no packet loss.We have moved the Quintums to different switches, replaced the patch leads.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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This is not the problem of Quintums Gateway on either side it is the switch problem check for switch configuration and modify configuration and make the ports open.


I was having a similar problem on my small office network, and it turned out to be a switch that was starting to fail. Interestingly enough, the errors were all on received packets. Outgoing ones were fine, which is what made this difficult to diagnose. Replacing the switch fixed the problem.

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