Hi, im new for networking, recently i got a project is need to apply restful web services. So now i need to implement two of my web apps into two different VM, 1 is window xp and another 1 is window 7. But so far i stil unable to connect the two VM by using host only network (static IP adds), any1 can guide me or have any good references or tutorial to share with me, appretiate a lots, TQ.

Re: Network connection between two vm player (host only) 80 80

What VM application are you using Virtual Box, VMWare, Virtual PC? Host Only may not be the correct network choice (names vary by VM product). You want to choose the network that means "private". Other options generally include, NAT, and bridged.

Also, are you comfortable with the IP settings? Do you need help to make sure you picked the correct IP, subnet mask?

Re: Network connection between two vm player (host only) 80 80

If you really want to use Host-Only networks, you need two separate VM network interfaces in the host OS, one for each VM.

As ITG-JM said, there are better options. The one you probably need is an internal network. If you want to include the host OS in the network, then go for bridged. (note, all these are VBox terms)

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