hi all,

My name is Ryan. I have been in the online marketing game for about 4 years now.
Originaly I started out working for an Agency climbing the corporate ladder, but since have left.

Currently I am building a new startup Called SEM Compass.
A new SEO/SEM tool.

If you have any questions regarding SEO/online stuff feel free to ask me.

I look forward to browsing Daniweb and getting involved.. who knew DaniWeb was so Big!

I have a few questions!

Is the marketplace that active?? It seems weird that such a large forum only gets minor views for its marketplace. Elsewhere marketplaces command attention. Whats going on?

Where is the best place to discuss online startups/entrepreneurship?
Is there anything SaaS related here?

What are you favorite online marketing tools!?!?! I would love to know.