Hello Friends,

I am a newbie here and i really am impressed by the response and help people are getting with their stuff. I hope to receive the same for my problem.

I have got a site in adult niche and i have a doubt that its got penalized for some reason but i am not able to make out whats the problem. I have not done over optimization nor have i done any black hat thing on it. So can you please help me with like what kind of penalty can it have?

Also is there a possibility of an orphan page penalty?

Waiting for reply.


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Also is there a possibility of an orphan page penalty?

Sure, things like that are possible but I doubt that would be much of an issue for you.

I think I speak on behalf of most around here when I suggest that you need to provide us with a little more detail into what's going on. I understand that you may not want to post your URL for us to dig into the code a bit and check things out.

It's really hard to say for sure what your SERP troubles are but I think I can help you a bit anyway.

You must understand that your market is extremely competitive and there aren't many optimizers around who have the degree of expertise needed to deploy effective Whitehat SEO, particularly with so much Blackhat going on around you. Your faced with competitors that have been using off-site factors as SERP leverage for many years. Developing your on-site factors enough to compete against them will not be easy. It will take time too.

Essentially, and I say this blindly, to begin with, you'll have to learn how to write better optimized content than the rest, develop an internal linking structure that is more powerful than their artificially externally inflated ones and evolve your website at a more rapid rate than them.

They may already have 10 web sites empowering each webpage, you'll have to do a David vs Goliath scenario. It is possible but it will require a tremendous amount of skill. Read as much as you can tolerate about optimizing the web page components and logically naming your web pages and images.

Good luck.

Thanks for the excellent advice. Your right i can't give url here. But you can check google.co.uk for kw vibrator my site is on 3rd position. If you can help me out would be great.

And thanks again for the tips.


Oh boy, you my dear need to start from the beginning.

Your suggested keywords have very little search frequency, not many people search for it. Example: kw vibrator is searched 0 times a month whereas vibrator is 1,830,000

1. You'll have to perform some keyword search frequency tests in order to determine what are the competitive keyphrases in your industry. What keyphrases are going to make your telephone ring if you can position your webpages highly in the SERPs. The one you pointed out is fairly useless with no significant competition to speak of. If all you want is the keyphrase you suggested then I would say to try to repeat it a couple more times in a Heading tag (Hx), an additional hyperlink or two on a secondary page, name an image keyphrase.jpg with a sentence or two describing the image in the alt attribute (while incorporating your keyphrase), name a webpage keyphrase.htm with a textual hyperlink or two to your splash page. That could be enough to bump your two remaining competitors.
2. Analyze the keyphrase competitors for the keyphrase that are worth targeting (read their content, understand their internal and incoming linking strategies, how many webpages in the site ...).
3. Come up with an attack plan and deploy it promptly.

Make sure to only use adult content which are legal in your jurisdiction.

Ashley, my suggestion would be to do a lot of reading and research. Make sure you REALLY understand good SEO. Back to the very beginning. Develop a good site with good content (no matter what your industry is). Have it coded well. It will benefit you later on. Do your keyword research (I use Google's keyword tool). Optimize your content for your keywords. Then start an inbound link building campaign. Once you've been doing all of this for a few months, you can start tracking the effectiveness of your work.

There is no quick solution for SEO. It's an ongoing mission.

high competitive niche always bring more revenue , if u could do it well , just do it

You get penalize when your having duplicate content..

Thanks to all for the tips. I have targeted a lot of competitive kws for my site n it was actually ranking for the kw sex toys too n that too on first page. N this site doesnt have any duplicate content issues. So if any other suggestions would be great.

Thanks again friends.

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