Do pay per click campaigns work for you? Unfortunately, PPC is very hard to see a definite benefit from when you have a content site that you sell advertising on. On the other hand, if you have an ecommerce site that is very goal oriented, you can very easily track PPC campaign results.

For this reason, I have always shyed away from ppc campaigns. Yahoo! just has never worked for me because I find their interface clunky and their minimum bid way too high. But with AdWords I average a conversion rate of a few % (with a conversion being a new registration). However, I find that visitors coming to my site from AdWords typically stick around longer and are more likely to post after registration, so, over time, I can guestimate that it's worth keeping it going.

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I like CPM Adwords.

PPC is a good platform. You can get really good traffic by using PPC. It is also result oriented.But depends upon you how to run and manage your campaign.

PPC is the fastest way of getting targeted traffic. However, you need to monitor it and track the conversion and constantly improving the landing page.

PPC for lots of beginner companies is a complete waste of time because their pages are not keyword optimized and they end up paying more than they should for hits. Also their wording is not optimized and they usually chase after the wrong keywords.

PPC performs extremely well and has a very high return on investment if you know what you're doing..

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