what is the Difference between Keyword Tool and Keyword Planner Tool?

almostbob commented: Well this was a dumb idea, prove you know nothing about SEO -3
happygeek commented: this is either signature spam, or you really are not the best seo service in a town with only one seo service -3
Kelly Burby commented: Agreed looks like another signature spammer! +0

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Well, there's no difference between Keyword tool and Keyword planner tool both of them are same Keyword Tool and Keyword Planner Tool, they are known are Google Keyword Planner tool used for getting the idea about they keyword you want to target ! There's isn't any difference at all.....

PS: I have seen the links in your signature which says "Best SEO company in Bangalore" now I wonder why you didn't know the difference between these.. ? It doesn't makes sense to me !

If you are the 'best seo service in bangalore' the others must be really bad
Go read something about what you pretend to offer as service

This site is well indexed and high pr
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the first thing your potential customers see is you asking questions that prove you don't know shit
right down the bottom end of the forethought 0-10 scale

Go learn about what you pretend to sell

until you know enough, might be a good idea to remove the link from your signature

Sig spammer, pure and simple. Already served a ban for posting obvious questions just to expose sig link, looks like we are starting again.

A lot of keyword tools avaliable on web, but Google's keyword planner is best for choosing best ad compaign and primary or secondary keywords. Google Keyword planner is the new name of Google Keyword tool, so newbies feel confusion for both names.

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