Hello friends- What is 301 redirect in SEO? please describe

Odd, I would have thought that the 'No. 1 Website Maintenance Company in Delhi' might have known the answer to such a question.

@happygeek - just ban these posters!!! You know why they're here, so pull the trigger on them!

My hands are tied until/unless they break the rules.

That said, they are doing a great job of exposing their ignorance to anyone who sees these posts. I certainly wouldn't touch a web design/ecommerce outfit that had to ask such basic questions at all, let alone in a forum such as this...

I guess it's time then to loosen up these rules :) Low quality content is never good for DW in terms of SEO.

I guess it's time then to loosen up these rules

Time to make them visible too. I thought there was unanimous consent that there needs to be a link to the rules on the front page. I had to google them. Makes it easy for someone to pretend they don't know about them.


Keep It Spam-Free

  1. Do ensure that all posts contain relevant content and substance and are not simply vehicles for external links
  2. Do not post any affiliate links or links to off-site ecommerce sites or auctions
  3. Do not sign your posts with 'fake signatures'; Use the signature facility from your profile editor

If the above isn't broken in this thread, it is certainly broken here...


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Allowing the options of brand new users with no rep, or worse, NEGATIVE rep, to have the privilege of having a signature (which to my mind, should be EARNED on a tech forum) is just an invitation for trouble. Not banning and deleting them once they've absolutely proven that they are only posting to put their sig out there is guaranteeing trouble. Show me a single thread in the Search Engine Strategies forum that has meaningful content as opposed to inane spam. I spot-checked about a half dozen.

Sorry. I'm outta here. I tried my best to overlook the spam posters, but they're now the majority and that's not Google's fault.

Every member is told to read the rules, with a direct link to those rules, in the welcome message they get when they join.

"Please also take the time to read our Rules so that you are aware of our policies before posting as they may vary from other online communities you may frequent."

A 301 redirect is most efficient and command used to permanent redirect from one URL to another. The code 301 is interpreted as “moved permanently”.

301 redirect is a technique of make sure online traffic flow obtains shown to the best present version of a URL. If you remove a sheet on a website & any one attempt to right to use that sheet & it’s no longer there, they come to be an error message. So, redirect the old URL to the new.