On comment posting where our website provided is hyperlinked

Sorry, but that makes no sense at all - to me at least. Did you have a question to ask, a problem that needs solving?

Are you asking what the recommended anchor text should be? I would say something that appears natural and not keyword stuffed.

Anchor text is provided on blog comments. When you do any blog comment and write your name & website. Then the name is anchor text with website.

Thanks claire_3

commented: disingenuous question from a digital marketing agency just spamming the sig link -4

You'd think a digital marketing agency would know this stuff already, but hey ho I guess there are true digital marketing agencies and spamming chancers eh?

commented: I know that too many of those companies spam in some attempt to do SEO. They earn a bad name which may not be written. +0

If it is a question then answer would be: Anchor text are those which we use to show as text while feeding URL behind it. for example if you domain is abc.com and you want to get a backlink from xyz.com so you wont post your entire URL. You would use a text and put your URL behind the text. That display text would be the anchor text for URL.

However, if this is just a spam then you would receive another negative vote for spamming.