I have a issue with my website. My website's WWW page and Non-WWW pages are not redirected and both's PA is different. So, is there any problem with that? I cannot redirect as I am shifting from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

  1. https://champu.in/ - Non-WWW page with 37 PA

  2. https://www.champu.in/- WWW page with 30 PA

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It's normal for www and non-www versions of your site to have different page authority. After all, links often point to one or to the other.

It's important to choose the canonical version ... the version that you consider the primary, and to do your best to have all links pointing just to that one version.

If you're unable to do a server-side 301 redirect from the non-canonical version to the canonical version, then the second best thing to do is add rel="canonical" meta tag to the top of both, pointing to the version you consider the canonical version.

Good luck, and let me know if you need more help with canonicals.

commented: Thank you for this. Easy to understand answer! +15

Just as Dani suggested, you can use 301 redirect or use rel="canonical".
All to make things easy, you should use your web host cpanel by checking redirect all non-www to www version of your site.

Its usual to have different page authority for www and non www versions of your site, because liks may point to one or other.
It is highy recommerend to use cononical version for that version you consider as primary. By doing this all your links are pointed to the cononical version.
If you are not able to do server side 301 redirection from Non-Canonical Version to Canonical version, then second option is to add rel="canonical" meta tag to the top of both versions, pointing to the version you consider the canonical version.

Instead of redirecting you can use canonical.

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