Well, i recently reformatted my computer, and like with past experiences, all audio coming from the computer vanishes.
After much hunting, i found the CD i kept the sound card driver in, installed it, but to no avail.

I googled, and did some troubleshooting, and now i actually here my speakers buzzing and so forth, and music DOES now play, just no sound comes out (before i kept getting error messages and music wouldnt even start playing)

So basically, if anyone could help me fix it, great!
Otherwise, how can i find out which sound cards are compatible for my computer?

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Right now the most important thing to know is goig to be about your hardware.

The easiest way to do the is for you to post your hardware information (http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread69265.html) or answer these questions:

Custom build or branded computer and model?

Have you gone to manufacturers web site and downloaded all drivers for your computer from there if branded?

Is the sound integrated into the mother board or a seperate sound card?

Can you open the side panel of the computer and give us the Brand and Model of your motherboard if you have ever had it replaced or it is not a branded computer?

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