K, so last week my laptop fell and damaged my harddrive and screen, replaced my screen but now my harddrive wont work! So i've accepted that i lost the data, but i was wondering which harddrive should i go with??

A. Plextor PX-64M1S 2.5" 64GB (SSD)

Its on sale for 99 bucks


B. Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD3200BEVT 320GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5
Its the original Hard drive.

its on sale for 50 bucks


they both have pros and cons. depends on what you want to do?

Do you have storage requirements? or do you just want to use the PC to check you e-mail and surf?

either way the WD will do it's job fine, the SSD will be faster when doing it's job though, but if the storage capacity is not a problem go with the SSD.

It depends on what you are using you lappy for. The SSD is faster but do you need the speed? its twice the price. You know that the WD one should work and shouldn't have any isseues with compatablility either.

Its up to you, if your a lite user you may not need SSD the extra 50 bucks could be spent elsewhere.