I'm new to the forum and also a begging geek, so I don't have all the language mastered. I'm starting my first build and trying to decide between Core i3 processor and Athlon II x4. Not only that, but I am on a SMALL budget, so I need the most bang for the buck. Also need advise as to which Mobo to put with it. Trying not to spend on a GPU so... something thats built in, but that does great would be nice. No I am not gamer. Looking for something that will still be FAST 4 years from now. Please help!!!!

I'd go for Athlon II x4 635. running 2900MHz with 4x512KB (2MB total) L2 cache. if I am not wrong. Nice choice.
MotherBoard- MSI 790GX G65: this is a very good board, actually you should go for Phenom processors if you want to exploit the full potential of this board. very good for Over Clocking. I believe the board would cost more than the processor but don't mind for that. Its kinda future proof. just check out the msi website for the specs. I think you will end up paying more bucks if you go for core i3