I have just downloaded a game called Broken Sword 2 - Shadows of the templar. There are two iso images. The first does not execute. First when I try to burn it on Nero it comes with 'Incorrect block size.'
Then I use WINISO to open it and when I click autorun it says
'Could not find cluster in D:\clusters or C:\
I used 7-zip and try to open as archive and then it says,
'Cannot open file 'C:\Documents....\Broken Sword II - CD1.iso' as archive

Ive been looking for this game for ages lolz.

Any help appreciated Thankyou guys!

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Wow...haven't seen that one in AGES!

Sounds like you got a corrupted file. Not much to do but re-download it. If you end up with the same error message again, then you might inform the person you're getting it from that their ISO image is bad.

It's also possible that the image might just be too old to burn with current software, though I'm not thinking that likely.

Just try downloading it again and see what happens.

Good luck!


smoove, did you ever get your problem resolved? If so, please let me know what happened and mark the thread as "solved" (there's a link below the last post). If not, please let me know what you tried so I can try again.

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