First off, I left my computer at home for 2 months thinking that my brothers will simply search for porn or chat or do whatever boys do when left alone on the computer, but came back to find my computer seriously altered. Stupidest thing ever right?

My computer is a COMPAQ FS7600 and about 2 years old (with light use).

The first problem I get is that when I first start my computer, it loads to a screen titled "Boot Menu" with the following options:

Boot Menu
==Select a Boot First Device==

HDD Group
-1st Master: (with a bunch of numbers here)
CD-ROM Group
-2nd Master: (more numbers and letters)

><: Expand/Close ^:Move Enter: Accept F4: Exit

I pressed the F4 to get on my computer and come to this site because I am not well versed in computers and didn't know what the other options meant.

Anyway so that got me to my desktop screen where everything seemed to load fine until I tried clicking icons and dragging them on the screen or dragging a document from one file to another. It just wont! I can highlight multiple items but simple can't move/drag them. Why?

Also when I click the "Start" button, it simply flashed open then closed.

A few of my programs (like my printer) required me to install them again before I could use it!

What did they do to my baby? Are there any ideas out there on what happened or more importantly, how I could fix this problem?

I did try to restore my computer to an earlier point (because that's the only thing I know how to do) but my earlier restore points have vanished and my computer was bought with WINDOWS XP already installed so I never had or created a backup disk.

Am I "SOL"? Please help! Thanks!

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IMHO you are completely stuffed. You would have had a windows restore disk with the computer, I'd have thought and you may need to look for it.

Seriously, a PC in siblings' hands for a couple of months is proportionately disabled. You can't cure this without surgery (and knack your bros too!).

Did you have any anti-virus and spyware protection?

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