Hi all,

I'm a new user....Having trouble with outlook express freezing on me after going from my inbox to my sent folder........Never had this problem before. Check for viruses daily and check for adware daily....nothing there....

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.undefined

Maybe the .dbx - file of your sent-box is damaged. I don't know if OE just creates a new one if you delete it. Maybe someone knows more.


Run a system update, and update all of windows programs (sevice pack etc) that should solve the problem.

i have a problem when i export msg templates from outlook to MSFrontPage. the sent messages doesn't get stored in 'Sent' Folder. When I go to the options tab it shows 'Unknown' under where sent folder should have been.don't know why this is happening. has this got to do with outlook or with FrontPage.
would be a great help if someone could provide me with some solution.

It can help you.

Outlook Express Repair Tool - repair and recovery Outlook Express emails and folders. Undelete Outlook Express messages.

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