I believe that Davey Jones is on the right track. I am a Network Engineer with a MS in IT Architecture - I have been trouble shooting all day. Here is what I know - it does not affect all my computers that connect wirelessly - I believe this to be merely incidental at this point. It affects all browsers tried. The same computer can connect to another wireless network and it works fine, but when go back to my current setup I cannot connect to hotmail.com. What I believe to be key - I added a wireless router with WAN connection set to DHCP while the Modem from ATT is set at PPOE for the DSL connection. I believe that the mismatch of protocols DHCP and PPOE on the two separate devices is sending up a port/authentication flag that Hotmail cannot properly resolve - the same is happening to other sites of similar types. I haven't tried to locate my PPOE account info yet to try reconfiguring the router to use PPOE instead of DHCP on the WAN end of things.

I have the same problem which happened all of a sudden. 1. Can't get into Hotmail takes ages and times out. 2. Can log into Yahoo mail but cant get into inbox or open any other link. 3. Can receive mail from my business web site using Outlook Express but cannot send messages. 3. Can access and read messages on my office web mail but cannot send messages on it. 3. Same problem with any other browser and on a Linux machine that I use. 4.There is no problem if I use any other PC that belongs to other users on the LAN.

Since problem also happens with Linux so I dont think it has anything to do with OS The only difference is that PCs that I use all have a fixed IP others are DHCP. All PC's access the net through the same router. I disabled all addons in my browser also disabled windows firewall but still no luck.

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