How do I install Vista on a seperate partition,
I installed Vista on a seperate partition while XP was in another partition, and now only Vista is loading,

what I need is to have dual boot with XP & VISTA. How do I do this...

some other details...
1) there was a recovery partition set by HP as primary,
2) My XP was in a logical partition,
3) Installed Vista on a Logical Partition as well
4) Now when I boot from Vista, the XP partition is there but the boot menu doesnt have an entry for XP.
5) I suspect that installing both OS on logical partitions caused the problem... Is that so.. ????



Install Wista and some virtualization software for XPs - works OK.

Hello I suggest trying EasyBCD. It will allow you to add the XP entry to the boot loader.

Yes, the problem most likely stems from the partitions that you installed on. The Microsoft supported process for dual booting is:

Primary Partition on HDD 0 (first hard drive) ( c: ) install Windows XP. Then install Vista using the un-partitioned space on HDD 0 or use a separate HDD. Vista should automatically detect Windows XP on the primary partition and setup the dual boot menu.

However, now that you are already installed, you'll have to tweak the boot loader to tell the machine where to find the XP install (if that is even possible at this point). I have never used the EasyBCD program, but it looks promising and probably much easier to use than trying to manually edit the boot loader in Vista.

I have used EasyBCD many times and have never had a problem with it; I'd say is you best option.

After installing open it up goto Add/Remove entries > select type XP and then set the name of it to that what you want to see in the boot menu then select the drive XP is installed on.

Then go to Manage bootloader, Back up settings, then click reinstall vista boot loader and write MBR. Now try rebooting...

- There job done, let us know how it goes.