Hi I am Denise and I have just got a iPod touch for mothers day and I can not get itunes to install on my computer..I just rang iPod support they said it was a windows problem and when I rang Window they wanted to charge me $80.00 for support.......
If anyone could help me that would be great.
After I download itunes from the internet I go to run the program and it wants to send the file to j drive..my son had a portable hard drive he used for all his music etc...
I have deleted previous itunes and apple programs from my computer......
I have set up a new user and tried to download it that way but it still wont work.

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Hello denisejane,

So what you are saying is that it wants to install itunes to the drive 'J'?

Here is what is suggest...

Run the installer. Accept the licence agreement and the click next.

You will be presented with this screen...

Click on change and type the same as what is in the picture without the '(x86)' unless you know you have a 64-bit OS. This should install it on your windows drive.

- Let us know if this helps.

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