I have a Dell Dimension 3000, about 4 years old, and Windows XP. Once the computer boots up, it runs fast and overall well. But it takes close to a half hour to boot up from the computer being off. My virus software is AVG. I have gone to MSCONFIG, and I have all the startup items unchecked, but there's no difference. My WIN ME computer, on the same wireless network, only takes a few minutes to boot up.

I'd appreciate any help, if there's anything I should be doing, or am overlooking. Thanks.

have you tried entering safe mode? Let us know if it is the same.

It could be corrupt files and not startup programs.

do as suggested by Xlphos....but better to back-up your files it could be your HDD itself is giving a problem..but i hope it's not.. :)

How about your monitor, you said after shutting off, meaning for a while being off maybe nigth befor. Maybe the monitor needs to warmup in order to start working properly. I'm just sayind this cause you said that it runs fast and normal. Also run this utlity have done wonders for me;http://www.glaryutilities.com/gu.html?tag=download#

I found that AVG slowed down my computer (XP) a great deal. When I switched to Avira, the problem was gone.

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