Hi there. I have a ripped(correct term?) CD on my hard drive. I wanted to burn it to save space on my computer. But when I tried to burn it, Nero gave me an error saying:

"Block size does not correspond to image length"

It gave me two options:

A) Correct the problem

B) Ignore the problem

What went wrong? How can I fix it?

Hi there, Let me clarify what you are saying; you have ripped files from a cd into your hard disk and now you want to burn them, but nero gave you such error msg?

First let nero correct to see if the problem can be solve, if not then try this.

Re-rip the files again and put it into "my document." Creat a folder for it if need to. Then, check the file size to make sure its the correct size you want to burn. Depending on what file extension it was, if needed, unzip or unrar, etc. The point is, make sure you extracted the file first. Then if you want to burn it onto a cd/dvd as data or iso, then use the cd/dvd data. If iso, then use the cd/dvd iso. FOr data, use Nero Express. For iso, use Nero Burning Rom.

If this doesnt help you or something else happen after you did this steps, let me know.

I put this off for a while. I'll look into it once more at a later date with your instructions in mind. Thanks for the advice.