My monitor seems to be flashing quite often. i alssog bsod's. but i think that is because i have a 3 prong plug converted into a 2 prong plug and its not geting the computer enuf power. ANy ideas on this monitr or if u agree with my BSOD theory

I'm trying to decypher your alien language. What is alssog?
Do you mean the plug that you connect to your electricity circuits? How do you 'convert' a 3 prong plug? Did you actually buy an accessory to do so, or did you just cut off the 3rd prong?
You mean the larger cylndrical prong, right? I don't think that should effect the power current. That 3rd prong is actually to provide a base for the current in case of power surge. I think it protects whatever the wire is for from shorting out from a lightning strike or something.

The only things I can think of besides the monitor being broken, is that your video card may have something wrong with it, or you may have a bad Hz setting for your monitor. To fix the Hz setting, right click on desktop, go to properties, hit the settings tap, click the advanced button, and click on the monitor tab. You should enable the "hide settings my monitor cannot display" option, and then choose one of the options in the dropdown menu. Generally higher Hz values provide faster screen refresh rates, but only if your other system settings arent holding them back (IE if you used a motherboard integrated video card with 8mb of memory a very high Hz setting would be wasted).

Other than that, you probably just have a broken monitor.
Monitors aren't hard to maintain. The monitor I'm using is a Multisync 50, which has been out since at least 1998, and it's worked wonderfully.