so it is recommended that we download this windows sp3 preview pack or just wait until it comes out?

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I'm not too sure either....... how do we know for sure that one of these "hotfixes" included inside the zip file is not a virus or something. I recommend anyone who wants to apply these hotfixes scans them for possible viruses. And plus, why apply them if your machine is working fine????? :-|

well coming from majorgeeks and having an article on daniweb is pretty trustworthy just why get them if you are gonna get them later.

Releases like that should only be applied to non-critical test machines. There's no point in installing updates unless you know of a vulnerability or updated functionality included in the update. Let Microsoft and people with test machines sort out all the bugs. My rule of thumb is to go to Windows Update and have it search for Critical updates only...that way I get only what I need for security purposes. Either way - whether it's for security or you just want to test things out you should familiarize with System Restore so you can revert back to a point in time before the updates were installed. If System Restore is turned on then it will automatically make restore points when you install updates. A smart admin should always expect the worst and leave many avenues for recovery. Don't expect Microsoft to take responsibility if your OS is destroyed "on the recommendation" of someone other than Microsoft - even if they did recommend an update it's your data and time that is at risk...they might try to help you fix it but there's no guarantee and you'll be the one who will ultimately be held responsible.

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