Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone has ever found a way to put a "Force Logoff" button onto the "Locked Workstation" window. Presently, I have a network with W2k3 dom ctlrs, and 100% WinXP wkstns. We have a GPO in place so that all computers go to screensaver (locked workstation) after 10min of inactivity. The problem is, we have wkstns used by multiple users who do not know eachother's passwords (nor should they), so some user will walk away from a logged in wkstn for the remainder of the day - and some coworker will have no option but to powercycle the PC to use the PC.

The only solution in place I can find is the winexit.scr tool in the W2K3 rktools (3rd party products that do the same useless thing) - but it's not what I want because it just forces a logoff after a period of inactivity. I want any person to be able to walk up to a locked wkstn and choose to logoff the presently logged in user (losing unsaved work is fine) and then log in themselves.

We've recently migrated from Netware file servers to a pure MS environment, but the Novell client 4.91 had this "Force Logoff" button in the "Locked Workstation" window - which was fantastic, but I cannot find anyway to make this same feature available in the Windows environment.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

in group policy there is a setting to display/enable the shutdown button