Ok, so here is the issue. Last week I got a Code 10 on a flash drive. I plugged it into other computers with other operating systems, same thing. I thought the device just died.

Then today my Ipod got the same code, again it fails to work in other computers as well. It still plays music and connects to my car fine but wont sync with any computer.

Is this a mobo/power supply issue or could it be some kind of virus? Please help, I dont want to ruin any more devices.

Current setup is Antec PS, Asus Crosshair and Win7.

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right click computer, select properties, click device manager, look for you hardware, or hardware with an exclamation in a yellow triangle next to it. Right click it and update drivers.

It sounds like you just need to install drivers for the products.

yup, got the triangle and update drivers only says they are up to date. The ipod had successfully synced about 5 minutes prior to the code 10 and both devices have been working fine for the past 6 months.
I now get a code 10 error on any computer i plug it into so not system specific. maybe some kind of virus?? if not hardware related but i have never heard anything like this.

Interestingly a simple restart of the ipod allowed it to reconnect, no help for the usb drive. Is the computer somehow passing on corrupted drivers or something to the devices?

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