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I have a computer using XP as the operating system and with SP 2 installed. I recently had a bad virus infection that thanks to the help from this website was able to remove and I am very grateful as the commercial virus removal programs couldnt help me. Unfortunately however since that time, I cannot get into the windows search window directly. If I try and start it from the start menu or from the left click on the start button, the computer simply sits there doing nothing, doesnt respond or anything. I can however still do a search by opening up the explorer window and then selecting search from the tool bar and it works fine.

Do I need to completely reinstall XP (a path I would rather not go down for the obvious reason) or is there some way to tweak or patch the sytem to repair this fault

Thank you

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same thing has happened to me what Anti-virus/Spyware/Ad-aware tools are you using?

i still havent fixed this promblem :evil:


Zone alarm = firewall
AVG = antivirus
Lavasoft Ad-aware = spyware and ads

Are your similar?

If U find a solution, let me know




Run Windows Setup. When prompted to choose between an Upgrade or a Clean Install. choose Upgrade. That won't wipe your settings out....

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