This may not be the place for this,but I want to know if there is a way to download pictures from my phone to my computer without sending them as a picture message. When I got the phone I was told that all I needed was a data cable that would fit the phone. Well I got a data cable and tryed it and the computer doesn't see the phone at all. This is a samsung salute phone, I don't text so I only get basic phone service. Hope someone here can help me out here. have some pictures of my boys (two Pom puppies) that I would like to keep.

Thanks for any help.dewabo

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easiest way, auto detect.
plug it in, go to my computer see if your phone popped up there

if it did just browse the phone until you find the pictures, dont delete anything though.


google 'drivers samsung salute'

download and install, plug in your phone and it will recognize it.

samsung might even have software to make this easier, just search there site.


Called Verizon support yesterday and we came to the conclusion that there was no drives for the phone. Took it back to the Verizon store today and exchanged it for another phone. What peed me off the most was the fact that the rep. who sold it to me said I could hook it to my computer and download my pictures which was a lie.
In windows 7 when you connect something like a phone, it doesn't give you that "what do you want to do" window like xp did. You have to go to control panel and open devices and printer folder to find it, and then it doesn't give the drive it is connected to, so you have to hunt for it.
Thanks for the assist guys.

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