Here's the problem and it's really annoying, I have a laptop it is a dell latitude c600 running windows xp professional, it was running fine until about a week ago it locked up so i had to reboot it, well when it started to load windows i noticed it was taking longer then normal, the battery light and the hard drive access light was constintly on no flashing, it goes through the loading process then restarts, boots up with the dell splash screen loads the goes to a cannot find hard drive screen, pushing enter just makes it beep.. if you restart it then it loads the splash scrren again then goes to the safe mode select screen it asks you if you wanna start in safe mode, normal mode, safe with networking, safe with prompt, or last config. that worked.... now if i choose safe mode it will start up and bring me to the login screen...(here's the weird part ) once i got it to start up in safe mode and i actually navagited windows to check setting's and then restarted...but i haven't been able to get safe mode to run again.....when all these problems started i was running winamp and it locked up so i had to reboot...anyone have any sugestions? is there any Diagnostic Utilities i can use to check the problem? oh yea when i goto the bios screen it verify's there is a hard drive in place and it is configured for it....
please help!!

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