hello everyone, i am new to this site and i know surely someone would come to my rescue.
I have been trying to get into my hotmail account for a week or two now but everytime i try it keeps telling me my passowrd is been changed. it asked me the answer to my secret question but i can't remember so there is no way of getting into my account. i opened a new hotmail so that i could use that as my alternative address but still no reply from hotmail/msn. i really need to get into my account so as to check all my mails. A friend of mine told me to download the new msn messenger and everything would be fine after that. that was what she did and it worked out perfectly for her ; but this didnt work for me at all.
I re-formatted my computer , lost all my files and re-installed my windows XP, but still no help. I also deleted all temporary files and i got nothing back from it.
Can someone please, please and please tell me what to do here . i really need to get into my email and especially get into my msn messenger to get my friends email addresses.

There are only two legal ways to enter your account ... 1) Enter the correct username and password 2) Enter the correct secret answer.

No other way in my knowledge ...

If you really do get a notice/warning specifically saying that your password has actually been changed (as opposed to the usual "invalid username or password" type message), your account may very well have been hijacked :(

I'm assuming you get this message when you try to access your saccount from any computer, yes?