Right I have this problem bought a packard bell and everything was fine untill about three months ago when the hard drive decided to pack up. So I rang up support and got a new hard drive and now its all working fine apart from the fact it dosn't post when i turn it on. Well obviously it does post otherwise it wouldn't boot but it used to (when i first bought it) make a beeping sound to let me know everything is ok. But now it dosn't so Im worried that it might boot ok but it might be a device or something on the motherboard that isnt often used that is broken. Is there anway to tell if it is meant to beep when i turn it on, know this is a bit of a wierd one but any help will be appreciated.

Also just found out my motherboard is Santiago P5S800-VM so if any1 knows where i can get any post info it would be very helpful