I have an IBM ThinkPad R31. When I purchased it, it had XP Home on it. I have since formatted the drive and installed XP Pro.

I used to be able to use both my internal wireless card as well as a Cisco 350 series that I need for school.

I think that maybe since the install of XP Pro I can't use my internal wireless card. My ThinkPad does not recognize that it does indeed have this card. I have tried to manually install the card with no luck. I downloaded what I believe to be the correct drivers (from two different locations) and I get an error when I try to install them. I have tried to manually point to the driver with the Add Hardware wizard, but when I select the appropriate driver, there are no Network Adapters to choose and click on, and the installation cannot continue.

I am currently contemplating reformatting the drive anyway, because I recently was hit with a load of nasty spyware which I have been unable to completely clean from my system for a week now.

If I reformat and reinstall XP, I hope that it will again recognize my internal wireless card, but I am afraid that that is what didn't happen the first time that I installed XP Pro.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be greatly appreciated.

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